What Is A Wearable Worthy Of Wearing?

23 Apr What Is A Wearable Worthy Of Wearing?

<a href="https://nnlm.gov/mcr/p2pp/2014/07/wearable-technology-trends/" target="_blank">My closet is full but I dont have a t

Do you own an iWatch or a Samsumg Gear or a Fitbit or maybe more than one of these? Do you still use them all? Has the fascination worn off? If you had to give up either your smartphone or one of these which one would you give up?

Will we have more wearables per person than mobile phones or will we have one do-it-all wearable? Is a wearable just going to collect health data or will it become our only necessary connection to all things electronic?

Apple has sold an estimated 12 million iWatches taking about 60% of the smartwatch market and raking in about $6B. Sales are supposed to be slowing and detractors abound in regard to the watches utility and quality. Fitbit had 29 million registered activity tracking devices in market and $1.9B in revenue in 2015. Even Pebble has sold 1 million units since its stellar launch. Samsung dominated the initial smartwatch market in 2014 but has since lost ground. Sales are 10% or less of iWatch sales.

Gartner predicts the wearables market will reach 323 million devices by 2017:

<a href="http://www.wareable.com/wearable-tech/smartwatch-sales-to-dominate-soaring-wearable-tech-market-2258" target="_blank

Device sales projection from Gartner

 But its nowhere near the 2 billion Smartphones in the world currently with penetration in the USA nearly 60% and in other prominent countries as much as 45%.

<a href="http://www.smsglobal.com/thehub/smartphone-ownership-usage-and-penetration/" target="_blank">Smartphone penetration

Smartphone penetration across the world

 Wearables are an ill defined category. Apart from the iWatches and the wristbands there are many other types of wearables.

Google Glass is slated for a comeback! The functionality and sales focus is likely to be the enterprise setting. Rumor has it that Glass 2 will be more about work than about play.

Smart clothing is definitely a wearable and they range from simple sport monitoring and optimization to cancer detecting clothing and even baby monitor clothing.   Most of them are coupled with a smartphone or similar and have no great distinction in health and performance monitoring. Stand outs like Heddoko and Nadi provide monitoring as well as improvement. Heddoko makes sensor laden compression clothing and couples a visual feedback for improvement.

Nadi  on the other hand makes clothing to correct your yoga form via haptic feedback! Probably one of the quickest smart clothing wearables to catch on will be baby monitor clothing. Owlet is just one example:

So called smart jewelry is even more primitive and only provides vibrational alerts about incoming messages and events or is just yet another health monitor. Jewelry makers are trying to get in on the hype and folks like Fitbit are going the other way and recasting Fitbit as jewelry. Pricing in conjunction with unimpressive utility is a deterrent to scale. Here is Opening Ceremony MICA – a collaboration between Opening Ceremony and Intel. For $495 you can get texts on it without your smartphone!

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