For all of our invertebrate lovers out there we do our best to keep an updated and diverse stock of creepy crawlies available for you to choose at your heart’s content. We often have a diversity of tarantula’s ranging from sexed females, to sexed males, and unsexed slings. We try to have a good variety of species available be it terrestrial, arboreal, fossoreal, new world species, or an old world species. If there is a species of tarantula/true spider that you are interested in you can always use our contact page to see if it is something that we can get into stock for you! We also try to keep a diverse availability of other invertebrates as well, such as centipedes, vinegaroons, tailless whip scorpions, many scorpion species, and we are working on have isopod colonies available as well! 

Tarantulas and true spiders care requirements are incredibly easy to achieve, it should be noted though that there are certain species that are much more suited towards beginner keepers and experienced keepers. Avicularia species, Rose Hair Tarantulas, and Jumping Spiders make incredible invertebrates for first time keepers as they have a more relaxed demeanor and are more tolerant than other species such as Poecilotheria species, Skeleton Leg Tarantulas, or Brachypelma species which are known to kick hairs, referred to as urticating hairs, that can cause immense discomfort and itching when they’ve landed on your skin. It is key to knowing your comfort level and doing hearty research before making a decision which species you’d like to get into! 

When it comes to other invertebrates like centipedes, tailless whip scorpions, vinegaroons, or scopions it is incredibly important to do you research ahead of time. Some species of centipede, such as the Scolopendra Gigantea as seen in our cover photo, have an incredibly potent venom that can be life threatening if you are bit. A lot of people get invertebrates for the display aspect of having a unique animal in their collection as invertebrates are incredibly delicate and if dropped or mishandled can die easily so it is best if they’re left alone and just viewed in their habitat. It is best to determine what best suits your level of experience and keeping and do research from there into the invertebrates you enjoy the most! 


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