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For Pet Owners, tarantulas are more towards viewing than handling. If you’re looking for something you are able to handle regularly or often a tarantula would not be the way to do. If you are okay with have a tarantula you get to enjoy viewing and feeding then they’re a wonderful option. When it comes to tarantulas and spiders in general we definitely suggest doing a lot of research before making a purchase as not all species are great for first time keepers. Good starter tarantulas would be Rose Hair Tarantulas, Avicularia species, or a Curly Hair Tarantula. They are species of tarantula that are easy to care for while not being of great risk to the owner. Tarantulas in general are incredibly easy to maintain and don’t require a lot of care or attention. A good watering and a couple of crickets weekly will suffice. Females live longer so if you’re looking for a pet that will be around for a bit then that would be the route to take. Once males hit maturity they unfortunately pass soon after. It’s the reason most people look to buy slings, baby tarantulas, so that they can raise them up for some time themselves!


For Enthusiasts, when you have more experience with arachnids you’re able to start keeping more advanced species. Keeping new species of tarantula also means getting to build enclosures up for tarantulas that might be arboreal, terrestrial, or fossorial! One of the greatest things about keeping arachnids is the care is essentially the same throughout experience levels. Making having larger collections easy to maintain and the hardest part being transferring slings to bigger enclosures as they molt. Also with experiences comes the fun in molt sexing species you’re raising up to plan for projects if you’re looking to breed. Thankfully there are hundreds of tarantula species available on the market to choose from!


For Breeders, with tarantulas requiring little to no interaction with simple care the ability to have large collections with multiple species of all experiences levels is a breeze. If you’re brave you can even jump into the world of true spiders and work with Huntsman, Wolf spiders, or even Sicarius. Having a solid comfort level with experienced species is wonderful when you want diversity across the board for not only species but building different enclosure types. The possibilities are endless when you have options available to you!


Sexed Females

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