Sexed Females

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For Pet Owners, the benefit to purchasing adult female tarantulas is that their life span is much longer than males so you are able to enjoy them for longer! Like with other tarantulas, spiders, and invertebrates definitely make sure to do your research and get a species that fits your experience level as not all species make great pets. We generally like to aim pet owners towards Pink Toe Tarantulas and Rose Hair Tarantulas as not only are they pretty and easy to keep but they are relatively okay with being handled and generally pretty laid back. Tarantulas don’t make the best pets to handle as they’re incredibly delicate so they are more towards a viewing pet than one you can touch all the time but they’re incredibly easy to maintain so you will get to enjoy them! Purchasing adult females is also beneficial as raising up slings, babies, can be difficult if you don’t have experience with raising tarantulas.


For Enthusiasts, purchasing sexed females is beneficial to any breeding projects you may have planned especially if you raised up a sling and it molted out into a mature male. Although you have to provide more spaces for adult females you’ll have them longer than males and if you successfully breed them you’ll get to watch and maintain her egg sac and raise her spiderlings as well!



Sexed Females

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