Unsexed Slings

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, unsexed slings are going to be a bit more difficult to keep. They are very delicate as they go through their first stages of molting and require a bit more attention than a tarantula with some size to it already. If you’re super dedicated to starting with an unsexed sling and watching it grow just make sure that you have small vials, proper sized crickets available, and that it is sprayed down once a week with water to keep it hydrated for when it molts! Also remember to grab unsexed slings of species that you are comfortable working with for your experience level!


For Enthusiasts, who have more experience with raising unsexed slings as this point it’s a breeze. You’re only struggle is choosing the species you want to raise up and look at as adults. So really your task is choosing how many slings you want to deal with on a weekly basis. Watching the species you’re dedicated to working with grow is not only super fascinating but watching and sexing the molts as they get larger is incredibly thrilling. The prospect of getting a female, male, or both to start out whatever projects you have planned it incredibly satisfying when you’ve successfully raised unsexed slings up.


For Breeders, raising slings is a breeze! With experienced keepers it literally comes down to what species do you want to keep and facing the odds of whether you’ll hit a female or male. We hope for your sake if you need that female that whatever sling you get molt sexes as a female. Not only do slings not take up much space they aren’t incredibly time consuming unless you have an entire racking system of them to spray and feed. Let’s just hope you have enough crickets on tap!


Unsexed Slings

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