New England Reptile has been breeding Dwarf Caiman for around 7 years. We raised our own breeding stock and work with socialization on our dwarf caiman in a similar fashion to our water monitors. A wonderful crocodilian species that is manageable in size for the advanced keeper. Dwarf caiman are small crocodilian so in a lot of states they do require permits, so if you are interested in adding one of these phenomenal little dinosaurs to your household or facility please check your state and federal regulations before purchasing, and if you require permit please apply and have your permits approved and ready before purchase!  Males typically reach 4.5ft give or take while females typically reach up to 4ft. They’re the smallest of the crocodilians but what they lack in size they make up in body armor. With their smaller size it makes dwarf caiman an incredibly appealing crocodilian to work with and makes them more manageable than other crocodilians that are available on the market. With years of captive breeding behind us, the demand for our babies is high and they go quick. Dwarf caiman are definitely an animal that requires experience, proper permits, and research before you jump into them! 

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, this isn’t an animal we suggest to keepers that don’t have experience with crocodilians. Although manageable in size they are still require a large chunk of change and space. A lot of states also requiring permitting for species of crocodilians which is a difficult and lengthy process with no guarantee you’ll be approved for the permit. We suggest dwarf caiman be kept by those who have experience working with crocodilians for the safety of the keeper and the animal.


For Enthusiasts, keeping and working with dwarf caimans is a bit more realistic. We like to hope that those who purchase dwarf caiman have experience with crocodilians or are at the least equipped to house their dwarf caiman properly and provide them with the proper care they require to grow and remain healthy! Our dwarf caiman are socialized at birth and worked with daily to ensure they are tolerant of being handled so when they reach their new homes they are easier to work with and allows for the new keeper to continue the socialization process. We want enthusiasts to enjoy our dwarf caiman as much as we do and have the best experience possible with their new crocodilian.


For Breeders, the prospect of producing your own dwarf caiman is very exciting. With space being dedicated to housing your adult dwarf caiman the ability to possibly breed and hatch out your own tiny dwarf caiman babies is incredibly appealing. The opportunities that open up when you have the space, time, and resources to dedicate towards housing and caring for dwarf caiman is incredibly rewarding!


Dwarf Caiman

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