Baby Water Monitors - understanding Socializing & Basics 101

Understanding the basics of Baby Water Monitors is SUPER important!

New England Reptile has been known as the pinnacle for breeding socialized and friendly monitor species for close to 20 years! We work with both T- and T+ albino as well as black dragons and other monitor locales. We take pride in being able to produce friendly, well socialized, and healthy monitors for the public. With that we have a multitude of videos to provide new monitor owners with the ability to follow how we socialize our animals here at the facility in their own home!

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, if the pet owner is willing to dedicate a huge portion of time to socialization and space in their house a water monitor could make a wonderful solitary pet. We don’t necessarily suggest them for first time reptile owners who keepers who don’t have experience with large lizards. There are dwarf monitors such as Ackies that stay smaller and would be a good place to start if you’re looking for a pet that isn’t going to require as much space but you still get to have the fun and effort of socializing. As much as we’d love everyone to get into monitors and enjoy them as much as we do they’re definitely not for inexperienced keepers or new reptile owners. So if you’re really wanting to get into them definitely do a ton of research and maybe see if there is a breeder in your area that will allow you to come help clean and work with them to see if it’s the right animal for you!


For Enthusiasts, for those who have the ability to offer the time and the space water monitors require they are great animals to have in your collection. Their absolute intelligence and personalities is unrivaled and they’re so humbling to work with. Being able to put in the time to raise them up and socialize them watching them learn and create a bond with you is an indescribable experience. There are many locales to choose from and we have done our best to create different genetics as well as provide keepers with heavily socialized baby monitors for generations. We enjoy working with them so much and we hope others get the opportunity to do so as well!


For Breeders, although monitors require a facility size space to maintain and breed having a female drop a clutch of eggs after years of raising her is such a phenomenal experience. The satisfaction of producing a project you’ve raised for years to see babies pip out of eggs is incredible. Getting monitors to breed takes precision and work but if you’re dedicated to the process and you’re dedicated to raising the animals properly and offering them the correct habitat and space it’s an amazing accomplishment! We hope others who are successful with breeding get the chance to feel the same.



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