Although they’re not main focus projects for us here in the facility we often have an incredible selection of tortoises, turtles, and amphibians available for those who have a passion for our shelled and croaking friends! We have been successful in breeding quite a few species of tortoises including but not limited to Red Foot Tortoises and Hermann’s Tortoises. We also jump at the ability to breed native frog and toad species here in New England in hopes to help rebuild the population in the areas surrounding the facility! Here at New England Reptile we strive to have creatures of all walks of life offering the ability for keepers all over the US to add diversity to their collections or just the ability to keep a species they’re incredibly passionate about! So if you have a passion for turtles or tortoises or just love your amphibians head on our to our products pages to view what we have available!

As with all animals we suggest doing research before purchase and to make sure you have the proper set ups for the species you are acquiring. Especially with amphibians who can be incredibly sensitive to temperatures, their environment, and even the chemicals on our skin knowing and having their enclosure set up before purchase is definitely something we suggest doing! Lots of species of tortoises also differ in their temperatures and enclosure size so researching the species you’re interested in and making sure you have enough space and proper enclosure is definitely the key to success!

Tortoises we rate in a middle range of ease to keep as if they are not kept and cared for properly you can see issues such as soft shell, pyramiding, and such forth. Some species do require a large portion of space and their diets need to remain consistent as health issues can arise but with proper research and set up you can 100% be successful in keeping your favorite species of tortoise! 

When it comes to amphibians we do rate them as needing some experience as some species are incredibly sensitive and if not set up properly will not thrive. They do require more extensive setups that can be difficult to maintain and take some time and more often than not funds to get together. Toads are a bit easier to handle setup wise compared to certain species of frogs but as always we suggest doing lots of research and having an enclosure prepared before purchase!  


Pradeep Aradhya brings a unique perspective to building commercial success in Technology, Fashion, Food and now Film. With the strategic approach of building a “minimum viable business” he guides Novus Laurus as well as mentors and invests in other businesses. Pradeep takes his experience in organic and inorganic growth strategies along with product and operational know how in multiple spaces and combines it with 12 years in digital marketing and the use of cutting edge technologies to drive businesses to “new successes”. Previously, as a senior executive he successfully led acquisitions in the mobile space where his role was to identify strategic growth areas, inorganic growth potential, candidate product companies and negotiate acquisitions. He has also led multi million dollar initiatives at Fortune 500 companies to create technology platforms for marketing. He identified and advocated the best and newest developments in various technology areas that gave brands competitive advantages in establishing lasting relationships with customers. Here at Novus Laurus he builds empowered and engaged teams both internally and within client businesses. Pradeep holds a Ph.D. in Structural Dynamics from NC State University and a M.Sc in Aerospace Engg. from the Indian Institute of Science.



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