Albino is a morph of Burmese Python causing the bright yellow coloration and red eye color. It is one of many combinations available in the industry today and is probably one of the most popular! Burmese pythons are a large constrictor species that have a relatively lax attitude beyond their food response and make good larger snakes for those who aren’t experienced enough to work with reticulated pythons!

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, burmese pythons aren’t necessarily the most common pet in the trade as they are a large constrictor and require a lot of space, time, and funds. We do often see them as single household pets and those who have them love them for their more lax attitude compared to the thinking you need to do with working a reticulated python. Burmese pythons if you have the space available to give do make good pets but we definitely suggest working with a breeder in your area before getting one as they do get large and require socialization and work.


For Enthusiasts, for those who have the space to dedicate, a lot of cool stuff can be done with burmese pythons. These are lots of stunning combinations available on the market and their more laid back attitude is incredibly appealing for those who are passionate about working with larger constrictor!  Whether burmese pythons be something you’re getting into because there are certain genetics you find stunning, educational shows, or future breeding prospects they are definitely going to be fun to work with!


For Breeders, as most keepers know who have large constrictors you have to dedicate a fair amount of space to keep and breed burmese pythons. Thankfully they don’t require much from you except big meals, clean paper and water, and a big enclosure with the proper amount of heat. They’re easy to breed and all around great for breeders who like large constrictors but don’t want to deal with the struggles of breeding season like with reticulated pythons. There are so many combinations that haven’t been done yet and we are excited to see other breeders getting involved and making some amazing animals!



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