Blood Python 101 Part 2 for you!

Hope you watched part one and continue to be interested in my random comments as I talk a bit about this often misunderstood species. Right off the bat we call them "Blood Pythons" not because they ma...

Although we are mainly known for producing socialized water monitors, crazy ball python morphs, and reticulated pythons such as the world sought after Cow, New England Reptile has stepped up the game again by jumping into Blood pythons and Sumatran Short Tail Pythons. We’ve been working to produce some incredibly stunning combinations like Magpies, Pixels, T- Albinos, and some intensely BLACK Sumatran Short Tails. Blood Pythons have a history of being labeled as “feisty” or “mean” but in reality they’re amazing animals to work with. They’re incredibly intelligent and fun to work with because they require that respect and that knowledge of how to handle them to make them feel comfortable. Sumatrans tend to have a more lax attitude then bloods but still require you to have a basic understanding how how to work with them. What we find really amazing about these two species is that their care is relatively easy to achieve like a ball python but they still require a little more work. So blood pythons and sumatrans are a great animal for anyone who wants something that gets a little bigger and requires you to think a bit more and to maintain a bit more than say a ball python. We are ecstatic to be working with these two species and we hope we are able to get you involved too! 

Pet Owners

For Pet Owner, blood pythons or sumatran short tails are great for pet owners that want the challenge of an animal that isn’t as lax and calm as say a ball python. Blood pythons in particular require that respect and understanding of how to handle them properly, understanding their socialization limits, and making sure their environment is correct so that they’re comfortable. Both blood pythons and sumatran short tails are heavy bodied so they can’t necessarily be held like a ball python or a corn snake, they need their entire body supported to feel comfortable. If you can accomplish that handling them is a breeze. Blood pythons and short tails tolerate being handled and worked with for the most part but they tend to have a shorted time limit in which they’ll tolerate it compared to other species. They stress a bit more easily so short bits or handling and working with them is preferred if you don’t mind having an animal that needs a bit of space and time for itself. Their habitat needs are relatively simple and easy to accomplish but making sure they feel comfortable and safe in their enclosure is key. A blood python or short tail that isn’t happy with its home can bring on that classic sass and sometimes they won’t want to eat. In our opinion they make wonderful pets as long as you do your research beforehand and make sure that it is the best animal for you!


For Enthusiast, blood pythons make a great species to work with because enthusiasts generally have the space and the time to dedicate to working with more than just one. If you’re looking into getting into small breeding projects or animals that you just really enjoy looking at blood pythons and short tails are great. They don’t require a huge amount of space and they’re manageable to work with in quantity because they’re not a huge animal like larger constrictors. Genetics wise there are still a lot of locales and combinations that haven’t been done or have been and allow for you to build projects up over time, which is incredibly gratifying if blood pythons or short tails are an animal you greatly enjoy working with! We think blood pythons and short tails make great project animals for those who are incredibly passionate about the species and the projects going on with them!


For Breeders, blood pythons and short tails are great for larger collections as they don’t require the space say a, reticulated python, would take up and they’re relatively easy to breed. With the amount of projects that haven’t been done yet between genetics and locales there is plenty of unique animals that still need to be discovered throughout blood pythons and short tails. Some breeders love the intense reds that T- present with while others like the unique patterning and striping that comes with Matrix line animals. Others enjoy the jet black of Sumtrans or even the bright orange of the pumpkin head sumatrans. But of course we could never leave out Borneo Short tails which are also in the mix. All three are amazing animals that require the extra work put in to make sure they’re a healthy weight so that you can produce stunning animals. We love breeding blood pythons and sumtrans here at the facility and definitely hope breeders enjoy creating those amazing projects as well!


Blood & Short-Tail Pythons

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