We work with and have an abundance of Colubrids here at the facility. We have had fun doing scaleless colubrid projects as well so we often have those available. We are working towards expanding into more colubrid species as well to have a nice variety for you to choose from!

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, colubrids depending on which one you’re looking at make wonderful pets. Corn snakes, kingsnakes, and hognose tend to be the most popular in the industry for those who want something that stays smaller, is easy to care for, and has some personality to boot. Corn snakes for example are incredibly easy to care for and have really lax attitudes they’d make a wonderful class pet or a first snake for a new reptile owner or an excited kid! Kingsnakes are great but they definitely have a bit of sass to them and can be incredibly food oriented so they can be nippy at times, but if you don’t mind the food excitement they’re incredibly alert and active and really easy to care for as well! Hognose are immensely popular in the pet trade, not just because of their cute faces and the way they play dead, but because they too are a species that doesn’t have incredibly hard care requirements. Colubrids are amazing but also depending on which one you’re looking at make amazing pets!


For Enthusiasts, colubrids don’t take up that much space depending on which species you’re working with. Making them great for enthusiasts who want to keep a few or many. Along with not requiring much space they’re care requirements are easy to achieve and one of the more cost effective for animals in the industry today. There are literally hundreds of different genetics and animals to choose from in colubrids so there is literally something for someone! They’re great if you’re looking for an animal that isn’t going to cost you an immense amount of space and something that is easy to care for and comes in all species, shapes, colors, and sizes!


For Breeders, colubrids are great for breeders who want a large breeding stock but don’t have a facility size space to spare. A lot of cobrids are relatively easy to breed and there is a project for everyone. With how many different colubirds there are out there along with localities and genetics there are a lot of uncharted projects that have yet to be scooped up and done. So if you’re a fan of colubrids and all they have to offer then this is definitely something we suggest you look into!



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