Although we are popularly known for ball pythons, water monitors, and reticulated pythons we have been looking towards expanding our collection with some really unique and uncommon stuff. Any animals we have that don’t fit our most known projects will be available here. We often have quite a display off oddball snakes available so if you’re looking for something that’s not the norm we suggest checking out this miscellaneous page!

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, the best suggestion we have to offer when looking for oddballs species, especially ones we may have available, would be to do your research. Not all odd ball species make the best pets as a lot of them require pretty specific care, or habitats, or aren’t fond of being handled as a ball python or corn snake would. Definitely making sure you’re prepared for the species you’re looking at getting, especially if it requires more care, is the best route we can suggest taking!


For Enthusiasts, the sames rules apply. Make sure you’ve done your research for the oddball species you’re looking at getting and making sure that if you’re looking to breed or build a collection of them that you have the space and time to dedicate!


For Breeders, you’re more than likely prepared to have a large number of oddball species in your collections and are looking to grow them out yourself. Hopefully we have in stock whatever funky species you’re currently working with. If not you can always contact us to see if it is something we are able to acquire for you or something we are currently working with and may have availability for in the future!



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