Reticulated Pythons

New England Reptile has been at the pinnacle for working with some of the most top notch genetic combinations available in reticulated pythons throughout the years. Not for the weak of heart, reticulated pythons are the record holder for the world’s largest python species. Reticulated pythons not only sport size they also sport an intense food response as well as an incredible level of intelligence making them a species that requires experience while demanding respect. Tons of breeders and keepers throughout the world dedicate large portions of their facilities to house and work with this incredible species while also working towards creating phenomenal genetic combinations or locales that later become available on the market. If you’re not looking to work with mainland lines, which get the largest, there are also dwarf and super dwarf locales that offer those who want the experience of working with a reticulated python to do so but with less of the size involved. One thing that we stress to those looking to work with reticulated pythons but don’t have experience with them or any large constrictor, is to contact a local breeder or facility to your area and see if they offer volunteering abilities so that you can see whether it is a species you enjoy and can actually handle working with. Each reticulated python reacts differently to being handled and at all different sizes volunteering with someone experienced is an incredibly beneficial way of learning safe handling practices, learning more about the species, and seeing whether it really is the right snake for you. Never to be underestimated, reticulated pythons require focus and experiences while demanding the respect of those who handle them. They are overall and incredible species to interact with, whether you’re planning on just keeping or breeding, reticulated pythons are definitely a species that requires an experienced handler and a keeper who is willing to put in the time and stay on their toes.

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, we do not rate reticulated pythons as contenders unless the potential owner has experience. Reticulated pythons require an incredible level of respect and experience, a large amount of space, and consistent work. If you are looking into working with them or even just having one as a pet we urge you to volunteer with a breeder or facility local to your area to determine whether it will be an animal you enjoy working with and are capable of working with. Reticulated pythons require consistent socialization throughout their lives which requires a large portion of time and a large amount of patience and by doing do will give you an animal that is tolerant of being worked with. Housing a reticulated python will require a huge sacrifice of space, especially choosing mainland lines, as they are capable of reaching 20+ feet. Care wise their needs aren’t excessive but expense wise for housing, housing requirements, food, and etc is pretty high. Before jumping into the deep end with reticulated pythons just make sure you have experience behind you for both your safety and the safety and well being of the animal!

Our NERD rating for pet owners is a 9!


For Hobbyists and Keepers, we recommend reticulated pythons more towards you! With reticulated pythons following their size comes that powerful food response. Another thing that comes with reticulated pythons is when having multiple males and a female, once they hit that breeding size and enter breeding season males have one hell of an attitude. This means having that experience behind you is incredibly important for safe handling. Keepers everywhere dedicate large portions of their space in hopes of starting breeding projects and working with this intelligent species. A lot of hobbyists also just like having a couple in their collections because its a genetic combination they just cannot live without, for example keepers from across the world come to us for our famous Cow Reticulated Python. New England Reptile is the mastermind behind the Cow and it to this day is still one of the most sought after reticulated pythons in the community. It is quite often that hobbyists come to us for the animals they will require so that they can produce a Cow of their own!

Our NERD rating for hobbyists and keepers is a 7!


For Breeders, we still rate reticulated pythons as needing experience, but those of whom sacrifice their facilities for them are 100% dedicated to them. With the available combinations on the market it brings about the opportunity for breeders throughout the world to create high end combinations and unseen animals. So many combinations have yet to be produced and discovered, which makes the possibilities for all breeders incredibly appealing. When we first got the opportunity to work with the Ocelot gene (Rainbow Reticulated Python) we were ecstatic. Like breeders all over the world we strive to produce healthy and phenomenal looking babies! Reticulated pythons incredible intelligence is another reason breeders enjoy working with these wonderful animals. They challenge you, they’re intelligent, and they’re such a fun animal to work with when you have experience like breeders do. It’s one of the many reasons breeders are so drawn to working with reticulated pythons.

Our NERD rating for breeders is a 6!


Reticulated Python

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