Scaleless Ball Pythons have been an animal to receive such an extreme reaction. Some people really love them while others are not so interested. We’ve been working with this project including Super Microscales and Scaleless Head for quite some time now and are really excited to see what we can do with it while adding more and more genetics into it as well!

Pet Owners

For Pet Owners, when it comes to keeping ball pythons this is one of the first species we suggest for not only first time reptile owners but families as well! Ball pythons rate very highly with pet owners due to their ease for upkeep as well as their incredibly laid back attitude. Ball pythons are incredibly common amongst the pet trade as they comes in all colors, shades, and patterns which makes the possibilities of having a pretty pet much more fun. Especially with so many eye catching combinations! Due to their lax attitude ball pythons are a wonderful pet animal for children and make great ambassadors for education to teach new pet owners as well as those afraid of reptiles how wonderful snakes can be. With a face as cute as a ball pythons there is no doubt you’ll get addicted to keeping reptiles and add many more! 


For Hobbyists And Keepers, ball pythons are a pinnacle of reptile keeping. They’re not a large species of reptile so you can house many animals without taking up a large amount of space, which is convenient for those who are looking to breed. With the addition that ball pythons are a simple species to house and maintain it allows for the ability to acquire what you will need for future breeding projects or the ability to just keep them because of their ease as a species. With over 6,000 genetic combinations listed to date and many more that haven’t been documented the ability to expand your projects and make unimaginable combinations is endless! This is something we at New England Reptile pride ourselves on and one of the many ways we’ve helped build the industry. We enjoy being able to provide you with stunning combinations to help fuel your projects and plans! 


For Breeders, ball pythons not requiring an excess of space, compared to large constrictors, gives you the great ability to house and maintain as many animals as you need for your own projects. With the amount of genetics available on the market you are able to pick and choose the best and most unique projects you are looking to produce. Whether it be recessive combinations, world’s first, or multigene animals ball pythons can provide that all. Every year we create stunning multigene animals and combinations that are rarely released to the public giving other passionate breeders the opportunity to work with exciting combinations allowing them to produce color popping mutations, electrifying patterns, and just all around stunning ball pythons!


Scaleless Ball Python

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