New England Reptile is known for having the most unique genetic combinations and some of the most diverse species in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with animals who are not only well started but are socialized and often one of a kind. We often fight our urge to want to keep everything we produce but know that it’s far more gratifying to be able to provide you with the opportunity to work with the animals we love. Our diverse collection of ball python morphs has gained superior interest from the community throughout the years and as we continue to produce awe inspiring, one of a kind combinations we hope that interest and support continues. We also come highly recommended when it comes to working with monitor species. Our monitors receive top notch care and extensive socialization so when sent throughout the world to their new owners they are well established and well started. Another animal over the years that has brought the worlds attention to our company is our Reticulated Pythons, especially the Cow. We have been incredibly fortunate to be able to produce such incredible genetic combinations that have wowed the industry. We here at NERD strive to produce unique, one of kind, quality, socialized, and well started animals to be able to introduce into the hands of reptile keepers everywhere. We want our customers to be as proud of the animal they receive as we are of what we produced. Beyond the phenomenal animals we produce and work with here at the facility one of our greatest achievements is being able to educate the world.


Pradeep Aradhya brings a unique perspective to building commercial success in Technology, Fashion, Food and now Film. With the strategic approach of building a “minimum viable business” he guides Novus Laurus as well as mentors and invests in other businesses. Pradeep takes his experience in organic and inorganic growth strategies along with product and operational know how in multiple spaces and combines it with 12 years in digital marketing and the use of cutting edge technologies to drive businesses to “new successes”. Previously, as a senior executive he successfully led acquisitions in the mobile space where his role was to identify strategic growth areas, inorganic growth potential, candidate product companies and negotiate acquisitions. He has also led multi million dollar initiatives at Fortune 500 companies to create technology platforms for marketing. He identified and advocated the best and newest developments in various technology areas that gave brands competitive advantages in establishing lasting relationships with customers. Here at Novus Laurus he builds empowered and engaged teams both internally and within client businesses. Pradeep holds a Ph.D. in Structural Dynamics from NC State University and a M.Sc in Aerospace Engg. from the Indian Institute of Science.



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