Frequently Asked Questions

Here at New England Reptile we pride ourselves on providing top notch customer service and trying to have an answer for any question that you may need answered! Compiling a list of the questions we are asked most frequently we hope that this provides quick and easy access to any answers you may need immediately. If you have a question that you think should be available for others please feel free to contact us with your suggestions!

What are your available shipping days?

We ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday year round weather permitting. We do not ship any other days to ensure that your animal arrives safely. Shipping towards the weekend can cause delays with packages and have your animal held over the weekend until Monday and unfortunately no matter what time of the year that result is almost never good. So to make sure your animal arrives quickly and safely we ship only ship on those available days! We do not offer two day shipping on any reptile, amphibian, or invertebrate. We want your animals to arrive as soon as possible and as safely as possible!


What is your shipping policy, do you offer live arrival guarantee?

We offer live arrival guarantee. If your animal, in the rare case, arrive DOA (dead on arrival) we require you to contact us immediately with photos of the box, photos of the animal, and a video of the animal to ensure that it is in fact deceased. Once you have contacted us from there we will discuss the options we have available be it a replacement for the animal or such forth. As for shipping our available shipping days can be seen above. We do priority overnight shipping only and your email is entered into the shipping system so as soon as your package is picked up by FedEx you will receive updates. Before shipping we do require our electronic sales agreement be signed and that our email for shipment be responded to so that we have a paper trail.


Do you have a health guarantee?

If anything occurs with your new animal within 24 hours we are to be contacted immediately. Beyond 24 hours we do not offer any form of health guarantee. We do not allow animals to leave our facility unless they are healthy, have good weight, and are consistently eating. We expect that the keeper has done their research and is prepared to properly quarantine and care for their new animal upon arrival. We are not responsible for animals that fail to thrive in a new environment. If you have any worries with your new animal you are free to contact us by email at any point and we will do our best to aid you so that the animal will thrive while in your care. But we do expect that you know what you’re doing when you’ve purchased the animal.


What if I want to purchase an animal and it requires permits?

Know your states legalities. Do not contact us about whether or not a certain animal is legal in your state. Contact your local Fish and Game for that information as we are not in every state just the state of New Hampshire. If you are trying to purchase an animal, such as a dwarf caiman, please have proof of permit ready for us before you make the purchase. If you require permitting please have that done before you purchase an animal. For New England natives Reticulated Pythons are illegal to keep everywhere EXCEPT New Hampshire. If your animal gets stopped in shipment or seized because you were not aware of legalities or don’t have proper permitting we are not liable and you will not receive a refund. We expect you to know your states rules and requirements before you purchase.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans. The two payment plans we have available both require a 50% down nonrefundable nontransferable deposit. The payment includes the cost of the animals and shipping. If payments are not made on time or consistently on higher priced animals all payments and the deposit will remain with us and the animal will go back up for sale. Our 30 day payment plan is for animals that start at $400 without shipping and go up in price from there. Our 60 day payment plans are meant for animals that have large price tags and will require some time to pay off. We will let you know if the animal you’re contacting us about meets the requirements for the payment plans we have available. Payment plans are done through our PayPal so that we can track payments and afterwards you will receive our deposit agreement which lets you know the end date of the agreement as well as what is owed. Once the plan has been paid off we will discuss and plan for shipment!


Am I able to put a deposit on multiple animals?

Yes of course. The same rules apply the cost of all the animals combined plus shipment will require the half down nonrefundable nontransferable deposit!


What if I want to cancel my order?

Due to the amount of customers we have had place orders and then decide they no longer want the animal or they didn’t actually have the money to spend on the animal we keep 50% of the sale towards the cost of a restocking fee as well as the care of the animal and the time of the staff involved with that animal. If you’re going to purchase and animal please make certain that you are dedicated to receiving and keeping that animal. That 50% is equivalent to our 50% nonrefundable deposit. It is unfair to the animal you purchased as well as our staff and other potential customers to pay for the animal and decide you no longer want it. So we hope that this policy will protect us and our animals from having to deal with the cancellation process.


Do you have this animals exact hatch date or close to it, what is the animals weight?

No, unfortunately we do not. We produce hundreds to thousands of babies of multiple species each year. It isn’t plausible for us to keep exact hatch dates on animals. When we list them we list what year the animal was hatched out in so you have a base idea of their age. We do not weigh or track weights on our animals as we have thousands in the facility. It is not plausible for us to keep up to date weights on that quantity of animals.


Can you hold a shipment?

If an animal is paid for in full we can hold shipment for up to 30 days so you can make sure you have an enclosure ready or are home to make sure the animal is received! If this is something you need please email us so we are aware of which order needs to be held as we get hundreds of orders and don’t want a mishap where an animal is sent when it needs to be held.


Can you have animals held at FedEx hubs?

Yes, we absolutely can! If you feel safer with picking your animal up at your local hub instead of it being on a vehicle for delivery we are 100% able to have your animal held at a hub for you to pickup. Please make sure that the the name for the order is the name of the person who will be picking up the shipment so that they do not deny you when you arrive to get your animal!


Can I put a deposit on an animal before it’s available?

We are not comfortable taking deposits on animals that aren’t already thriving and able to continue to thrive in a new environment. We wait until animals have consistently been eating and doing well before we will list them available. We also have a lot of animals that are high desire animals that we make first come first serve!


Is there a waiting list I can be put on for an animal I’m looking to purchase?

Absolutely! We will have you send us an email with your full name and phone number so we have multiple contact options for when we have animals come back into stock. If it is a sought after species it could obviously take some time depending on how many people are in line ahead of you before you will receive a call or email about availability. We always suggest keeping an eye on our website anyways in case we happen to list something that you’ve been waiting for!


Can I have some extra photos of this animal?

We don’t provide further photos of animals unless they’re purchased. We get hundreds of extra photo requests weekly and if we were to fulfill them all we’d have to hire someone full time to do just that. The photo/s we provide in our listings are an accurate representation of the animal that is available for sale. Unfortunately we do not have the time for the managers or the staff to go find the specific animal in a room of thousands of animals to take additional photos when that time needs to be put towards animal care in the facility. If you are sincerely interested in purchasing an animal we have the option for you to put down $25 for extra photos that will go towards the cost of the animal when you purchase. If you put $25 and don’t end up purchasing the animal that cost is not refundable as it covers the time we took out of our busy schedules to grab extra photos of the animal!


Is your facility open to the public, can we come look at an animal before we purchase it?

Unfortunately our facility is not available to the public unless you book a private tour or come when our public tours are available. If you’d like to come view animal before you purchase it we will have you wait in our retail store downstairs and someone down there will inform us of your arrival and we will bring it down for you to look at.


Can I book a private tour with Kevin?

Why yes, yes you can! Pricing will depend on availability and what you’re looking to check out with the Evil Morph God himself. For availability and pricing please feel free to email us at or call our storefront at (603) 382-2772 to ask!


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